Our Story

Black Pearl Charcoal is made from nutshells that are 100 percent Australian grown. These shells are a by-product of nut processing and include one or more of walnut, pecan, macadamia, hazelnut and pistachio shells.

Black Pearl Charcoal is manufactured in Australia by an Australian owned company using an Australian developed technology. The nutshells are an ideal match for this environmentally responsible production process.

Barbeque cooking charcoal made from nutshells

Enjoy the natural taste of barbequed meat. Black Pearl Charcoal is made from natural, plant based products and contains no chemical additives.

Environmental Responsibility

When purchasing Black Pearl Charcoal you can be certain you have made the right choice for the environment. In contrast, some barbecue charcoals have a significant negative environmental impact, such as deforestation and high emissions during production.

Responsibly Sourced

Black Pearl Charcoal is made from clean agricultural by-products (nutshells).

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Low Emissions

The production of Black Pearl Charcoal complies with Australian emission standards.

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Please consider the environmental impact of the charcoal you select for your next barbeque.